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Concise Connecting

Psychic Mediums-

How to connect on live feeds -

  • I LOVE working on live feed sessions on social media.
  • I LOVE connecting in that environment.
  • I LOVE the quick succinct readings/guidance/support

In this ever evolving world, especially the rate we need to keep up with the changes in technology. Some people find they are getting left behind. 

We all need to "out there more" to give our message to the world and to reach those intended to receive it!

Q - How long have you been a Psychic Medium?

A - since birth and working fulltime for over 15 years.

Q - How long have I been doing live feed on social medial? 

A - For over a year with at least 2/3 sessions a week!

This way of connecting is troublesome for some Psychic/medium/readers as they are not used to switching between people with speed.

Q- Who is this course for? 

A- Any one who wants to learn how to connect with confidence on live feed social media sessions.

I am often asked how I connect with ease, accuracy and passion.

You will learn:

  • How to prepare before going live
  • How to settle into the live feed
  • How to recognise your first person to read for
  • How to accept the right information from the 'otherside'
  • How to switch to another readings
  • How to keep calm and focussed
  • How to listen to your intuition and give
  • How to wind down the session
  • How to recognise when to wind down the session
  • Closing the session
  • Q&A
  • Learn how to be yourself, get the messages right and allow your personality to shine!

This course is for beginners, intermediate and more advanced... join me

I am super excited to be able to guide and deliver teachings for you.

People often say to me "I never thought of doing it that way or you have opened my mind to a new way of thinking..."

Allow me to open your mind

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jan mayfield
jan mayfield
Jan Mayfield - Teaching you

Who is Jan?

Jan’s passion was her career as a teacher, trained at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom.

Stunned by a car accident, which brought on FIBROMYALGIA and career change led to so much more than she ever thought possible. You don’t have to think it possible you need to know IT IS POSSIBLE.

Her life is pretty much the same as yours, working through problems over the years… single parent, loss of spouse, depression… We all have similar experiences to get through. But choose the get through them in different ways… and this is the key to how your life evolves.

Ultimately, pain and misfortune can TRANSPIRE into recognisable benefits.

Recovering from the car accident gave her time to continue deeper into her spiritual path. To follow her true passion of all things intuitively guided, and begin working full-time as a Psychic/medium, guide, healer, coach and teacher of all things spiritual.

Now, after publishing her first book, ZOETIC SOUL which reached number one in three categories in 2017! She has created bite sized courses and uses her teaching and intuitive skills to help people with their life paths and purpose, both in their professional and their personal lives.

Jan intuitive work goes beyond all her previous expectation and relates to the universal energies for her connections to enable clear, concise directions for you.

Throughout each year Jan hosts workshops/teaching sessions, international consultation sessions, and numerous live-feed video sessions via social media platforms.

Integrity, sincerity, love and devotion to help others become the whole person they came to earth to be. Is Jan’s mission in life

You are the creator of your life’s evolution, Allow it!

Videos= what you see you remember

Back up PDF sheets= to write in your own words

What you hear= you can associate with your own recognised pictorials.

What's included?

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Course Curriculum

Chapter Three- thank you and closing

Who does not use live connections to their preferred audience?

Everyone uses it, it is the way of the world?

I take all the fear out of giving readings and guidance from the "otherside".

I give you all the guidance in baby steps and a check list to use before each live session.

Don't hide yourself anymore.

Now is the time to begin your connections :)

Yes Please Jan, Sign me up!